Blogger Friend School-keeW ykcaW…oops…Wacky Week

The Assignment:

This is WACKY WEEK here at Blogger Friend School! Everything is wacky fun! This week YOU, the student, get to share something of your choice that is little “Wacky”!!!
Have you done something crazy in your homeschool? Do you fingerpaint with your toes? Do you let your children do your hair? Do you wear your pajamas during homeschool? Oh, the list is endless, but it’s up to you and how much fun you want to have.
To make it even “wackier” (not sure if it’s really a word, but hey, we don’t check spelling this week at BFS either!!!…..try and type some or all of your post sdrawkcab. (backwards!)
!keew gnixaler dna nuf a siht ekaM
(…and forwards…Make this a fun and relaxing week!)

My kids are always wacky. They cracked me up with their everyday antics. To chose one would be very hard. You can see some of the ways they have fun in these other posts.
September Pie, Popcorn Dragon, Funeral For a Tractor, Dreher Island Vacation, Flashback Friday- Hair, Up a Tree, Christmas Decorations, Yummy Success, Results of Fun in the Mud, and Summertime Fun.

We don’t deliberately do anything crazy, it’s just the way we are. One thing that I do that drives my kids nuts is that I often sing to the music in the background of our lives. In the car, in the grocery stores, at restaurants, whenever I hear a song I know the lyrics to. When they were younger it wasn’t an issue, but now my daughter will snuggle in to try to make me stop and my son tries to distance himself from me. I tell them that I sing because I’m happy and to worry when I stop. It brings about smiles from those around me and sometimes strange looks form others. We are love the life that God gave us and want to live it to the fullest.

.era ew ohw era ew dna ,ma I ohw ma I

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9 Responses to Blogger Friend School-keeW ykcaW…oops…Wacky Week

  1. JADsmama3 says:

    I LOVED the popcorn dragon!!! That is so cool and imaginative.

    You are right – we are who we are! I love the fact that you aren't afraid to sing in public. 🙂 You go girl!!



  2. RebeccaC says:

    Keep singing, Sister!!!

    My husband and I both break out in song at the least provocation — sometimes old showtunes, sometimes Beatles music (although my oldest reminds me everytime we sing an old Beatles song that the Beatles are pretty "dark") sometimes old hymns. What's really funny is that my kids are starting to do it, too! Insanity is hereditary!

    Have a song-filled week!

  3. kellieann says:

    I sing too. All the time. Harrison asked me once, "Mom, do you know the words to every song in the world?" , and I said yes. It was a lie, of course, but it impressed him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE to sing too!! Only I sing to the music in my head, which doesn't always work out so well for me. My kiddos usually try to look like they don't know me, but everyone once in a YKCAW while they will join in with me. Fun for everyone!!

    Here's to being a little YKCAW!!

    Jenn W

  5. tammy says:

    Yep, we tend to just be wacky by nature, too. It just happens. I love to laugh. ;o) Thanks for sharing.


  6. nancysnook says:

    That's neet!! I sing everywhere we go or don't go…I just sing all the time. Thank you Ginny for sharing.

    ycnaN .srM

    rehceaT SFB

  7. basketflat says:

    I sing to whatever is going on in our lives sometimes. Kind of like Maria did in the Sound of Music. It doesn't bother my kids YET, but it does sometimes drive me crazy when they start to do it. I especially like to sing little ditties to my babies.

  8. Michelle122161 says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Looks like a Fun Family.



  9. Sheri says:

    Those are some really fun ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us. I like the flashback hair one! I am not brave enough to show my styles thru the ages-too embarrassing for sure. Blessings

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