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Homemade Powdered Laundry Soap

I have had several folks ask how we make our laundry soap. While there are tons of recipes out there, I chose to make powdered laundry soap for the ease of preparation. I usually stock up on the supplies for making it because, for whatever reason, I can’’t find one grocery store that carries all the supplies. I have to go to a couple of different stores to find these everyday supplies. Ingredients: 2 – … Continue reading

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Blogging Break Apology

I have been very sporadic blogging lately. While I have loads more to share about my son’s wedding and life in general, alas, time just has been constrained to work, school, life, and a bit Facebooking here and there. I decided to wait until HSB has done its change over to begin adding more posts so that if anything goes array (which I’m sure won’t happen because they are doing everything possible to prevent that) … Continue reading

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Everyone is a Winner

Well, I was only going to pick 3 winners, but changed my mind. I decided since folks were kind enough to show enough interest and enter and then to leave such nice comments, well, they are all winners. I have e-mailed via Payloadz to all of you with a link to download your free copy of my writing prompts book. I hope that you will continue to stop by every now and again even though … Continue reading

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Last Day to Enter Drawing

If you haven’t already entered my drawing for my E-Book: 2010 Journal Writing Prompts Calendars and Journaling Notebook Pages, today is the last day. Click HERE for all the information and to enter.

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My Son’s Wedding-II-Wedding Day Prep

We woke early Saturday morning. There was a lot to be done before the 3:00 wedding.  I decided that we needed to have an easy breakfast for everyone because of all the activity that would be going on, so we had donuts and fruits on hand to eat as time allowed. My husband and I loaded up the vehicles with everything that needed to go to the barn where we were having the wedding. (not … Continue reading

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