My Son’s Wedding-II-Wedding Day Prep

We woke early Saturday morning. There was a lot to be done before the 3:00 wedding.  I decided that we needed to have an easy breakfast for everyone because of all the activity that would be going on, so we had donuts and fruits on hand to eat as time allowed. My husband and I loaded up the vehicles with everything that needed to go to the barn where we were having the wedding.

(not the bags of salt)

I think my daughter-in-law was a little anxious because she decided to soak in the tub to relax. While the girls took showers and began getting ready, my husband and I headed out to the barn where the wedding was taking place. (photo courtesy of my Dad)

We met my sons and the other groomsmen and friends there and got right to getting everything ready. 

Hall Before-Towards the front:

Hall Before-Towards the back & kitchen area:

The guys were awesome and made short work of setting everything up. (photo courtesy of Bob Shields)

We wanted to hide the ugly kitchen so my husband came up with the idea to hang white sheets on PVC pipes to create a hide-away.  (photo courtesy of Bob Shields)

The groom setting up the "hide-away"

The best man doing his part:

We had purchased paper tablecloths with vinyl backing for the guest tables. Each table was set up with a centerpiece, favors, advice cards, daisy pens, a miniature tissue packet, salt and pepper shakers, and a disposable camera.

I used a couple of round bedside tables with glass tops and purchased cream table cloths for the guestbook and pen and the card basket tables.

My younger son signing the guest book.

The guys hung another white sheet to conceal the barn door behind where the ceremony was taking place. We set up the prepared arch in the center front. (photo courtesy of my dad)

My son and his bride decided to have a sweetheart table instead of a head table which worked out perfectly. We covered the table with a borrowed white tablecloth. Then I pinned a silk vine to it, adding coordinating silk daisy clusters where I had swaged it. A friend had given them some heart shaped dishes with green bows in which I added battery operated tea light candles to. I put their toast glasses at their places and then we set this table off to the side to be moved after the ceremony.

We served the food buffet style. Because so much of the food needed to be kept cold we came up a great solution. I had shallow storage containers, the kind that are supposed to fit under the bed, (although our beds are apparently too low so we can’t use them there). We covered the food tables with plastic white table clothes from the Dollar Store, and then we lined the tubs with another white plastic table cloth to conceal the containers. We added ice that my son got free from the ice machine at work to the tubs and around the food containers. It worked perfectly.

We were very blessed to have friends who supplied the pretty drink dispensers they had and we set up a beverage station which we had behind the curtain in the kitchen area until after the ceremony.

 I had bought 3 farmer’s market baskets at Hobby Lobby and painted them white with semi gloss paint. I then lined them with cloth napkins I found at Anna’s Linens on the clearance rack. I used 2 of the baskets for the rolls and one to hold the utensil packets we made. 

After setting up the guest tables and while the guys were setting up the hide-away, my younger son and I headed back to town to pick up the wedding cake and cupcakes. Because the cake had deep purple frosting we had to wait until later to set them up. Light turns the frosting a different color. I had a white table cloth covered card table ready for later. (photo courtesy of my dad)

The music for the wedding was programmed into a computer and would be activated from an iPhone when needed. After the guys set up the speakers my younger son and I taped it down so no one would trip. (photo courtesy of Bob Shields)

My game plan was to be finished setting up by noon and we hit that mark. My daughter-in-law’s step father arrived with his grill to heat up the barbecue pork he had smoked all the previous day so he stayed there while we all left to get ready for the wedding.
On the way home I had almost forgotten that I needed to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up the 12 dozen dinner rolls I had ordered, so I made a quick detour to get them. I got home closer to 1:00 than the 12:30 I had planned. All the bridal party was here busy getting themselves ready. I quickly jumped in the shower and got ready. I needed to be back at the barn by 2:00 to set up the cake and great early guests. I was getting excited. All the girls were looking lovely and were so helpful to me doing some of my make-up and hair. I was a little frenzied as I often get when I feel like I am behind. I headed back to the barn and my daughter-in-law’s family had arrived. They helped me set up the cake and some of the finishing touches. The barn had been transformed and looked awesome.

Hall After-Towards the front:

(below photo courtesy of my dad)

Hall After-Towards the back & kitchen area:

(below photo courtesy of my dad)

My younger son (the taller one) and my daughter-in-law’s brother

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2 Responses to My Son’s Wedding-II-Wedding Day Prep

  1. shaneshelpmeet says:

    I am so impressed; you did a beautiful job!

  2. says:

    I have been impressed and amazed as I have watched this unfold through facebook. You all did a wonderful job! It kinda reminded me of putting together my own wedding 19 years ago. It was a do-it-yourselfer too, but it turned out so nicely, and I didn't spend thousands of dollars either. Good job!


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