Results of Fun in the Mud

I thought I’d join in the Show & Tell Friday Group this week and share a picture I took of my oldest son and his truck after an evening of fun in the begining of June.  Although he had a great time the day before, it took him weeks to get his truck clean.  The vehicle is really silver. I guess boys never out grow playing in the dirt.

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2 Responses to Results of Fun in the Mud

  1. MaxwellAcademy says:

    WOW! You would never know that that was a silver truck under all that mud! My kids would LOVE it! My kids are happier when they are covered in dirt. Not my daughter as much as the boys though, but she enjoys it too. Great pic!


  2. Michelle122161 says:

    Don't clean it.

    I think it's awesome looking. 🙂

    Oh well, how long did it take to clean it?



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