Homeschool Memoirs-Snacks

Ah, snacking. That is always an issue here at our house.  My children love to snack and we struggle with the control of it.  The problem is that just about anything constitutes a ‘snack’ around here, whether it be the crunchy kind like chips or carrots, the sweet kind like cakes, pies, or fruit, or the kind leftover from last night’s dinner. My son loves peanut butter and will often grab a spoon, scoop some out of the jar and eat it up.  My daughter loves apples and has taken to the philosophy that if an apple a day will keep the doctor away, two or more should prevent any trips to her office.  Cereal is an option any time of day and ice cream doesn’t stand a chance around here.  So when it comes to snacking, anything goes.

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One Response to Homeschool Memoirs-Snacks

  1. CrossView says:

    I LOVE a spoonful of peanut butter! =D

    I have trouble thinking of snacks to have on hand… But I try to keep popcorn and fruit. Those seem to go over well…. But I should put more thought into keeping some stuff on hand. I get sidetracked just trying to think of meals. =P

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