Flashback Friday- Hair

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I have had a love/hate relationship with hair for what seems like forever. Long, short, straight, curly, dyed, natural, I’ve probably done it all. So for this weeks Flashback Friday, I thought I’d share the looks I have sported through the years.

You have already seen me in pigtails circa 1970. By 1972 I had gone to this.

By 1973 it had grown out again

In 1974 I was back to short.

And even shorter by 1976

Then I guess I got brave because by 1978, it was long again.

Apparently I had had enough and by the end of 1979 I went to this.

The year I graduated I had begun to let it grow out yet again.

Fast forward to 1990 when big hair was the thing and I went for tons of curls.  To be honest I really like having curly hair for the most part, but hated it when it began to grow out.

Then I was talked into dying my hair in 1991. Oh my.

In 1992 I went for broke and blonde.  I look sickly. Who was I kidding?  The things we do for our husbands.

When I began teaching in 2000, I wanted something that was easy to fix everyday so I got another perm.  I had long since abandoned the “dying” phase.  Every now and then, just for a change, I would use a temporary dye, but only to add reds or golds. No more blonde.

My kids are following in my footsteps.  Last week my son went from this:

to this:

(He just had to try out a Mohawk, at least for all of a minute)

He ended up with sporting his usual summer hair.

And not to be outdone by her brother, daughter went from this:

(I remembered to take the picture just before we left for the hair dresser and after she had just washed her hair)

To this:

She loves her new haircut.

I’ve since let the perms and the coloring grow out and have been keeping the hair to shoulder length, but I am now working on growing it long again.  I think though this time if I get a hankering for something new, I’ll just go shopping. (Sorry no recent pics.  This is from September 2007. I’m usually on the other side of the camera.)

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2 Responses to Flashback Friday- Hair

  1. kellieann says:

    GREAT flashback! I've been considering a post on hair as well. Loved the background music you added…LOL!

  2. CrossView says:

    ROFL! Love the music choice!

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