What American accent do you have?

You know how I love these silly little quizzes and they’re great when time just isn’t allowing me to write.

Spending my childhood days located near Boston, then moving to western Massachusetts in my teen years, and having lived here in the south for over 15 years, I was a little surprised by these results.


What American accent do you have?

Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don’t have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The Northeast

The Inland North


The West


The South

North Central

What American accent do you have?
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2 Responses to What American accent do you have?

  1. lahbluebonnet says:

    Now that was an interesting quiz. I'll have to post the results. So what do you think I sound like? LOL



  2. Dad says:

    I have a "Boston" accent…..

    Great test.

    Since I'm from the Boston area and was in the service, I am not surprised with this result.

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