September Pie

For a few weeks now while walking the dogs every morning, we have been admiring the bounty on a neighbor’s apple tree.

So the other day after school the kids and I got permission from this kind neighbor and picked a bucket full of apples. 

My daughter finished filling the bucket as my son enjoyed the shade of a huge tree after picking for a while.

A few days prior they had gone to another neighbor’s and picked a bag full of pears.  So what to do with all this fruit?  Why, bake pies, of course.


We had a bit of peeled apple and pear leftover, so we went ahead and made pear-applesauce from it.

(Recipe for the Ginny’s Apple Pear Raisin Pie)

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2 Responses to September Pie

  1. 4sweetums says:

    Yummy! The pies look so good.



  2. Michelle122161 says:

    Oh Yummy!!

    I hope I'm the neighbor getting that pie. LOL

    The pics turned out amazingly delicious.

    Made me hungry. Glad I have some trail mix close-by.

    But, I could really use a pie. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog.



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