Heaven Sent Me a Daughter

(I wrote this one for my daughter.)

Heaven sent me a special treasure,
Wrapped up in sugar and spice,
Satin and lace,
And full of grace,
And everything oh so nice.

Heaven sent me a precious gift,
To fill my life with love,
Sweetness and light,
Everything right,
Sent to me from above.

Heaven sent me an answered prayer,
A beauty through and through,
Laughter and cheer,
Fills every year,
Heaven sent me you.

Heaven sent me a daughter,
So darling and so clever,
Cherished in my heart,
From the start,
And loved always and forever.

©2009 Virginia Donahue

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2 Responses to Heaven Sent Me a Daughter

  1. Daddy says:

    Very nice poem.

    Heaven also sent me a sweet and caring

    granddaughter and new fishing buddy.

    It's rare to see someone as patient and loving

    as she is. For a teenager (soon), she's been

    a blessing to us.

  2. sagerats says:


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