Remembering You

(I wrote this for my middle son.)

I remember so well the day you were born,
My life was filled with joy,
How blessed I was that God sent to me,
A beautiful little boy.

I remember so well seeing your face,
Words cannot describe,
The happiness inside I felt,
And the overwhelming pride.

I remember so well the first step you took,
Across the kitchen floor,
With arms outstretched reaching for me,
You’ve taken so many steps more.

I remember so well how much you have grown,
The days they go by so fast,
But each moment is treasured in my mind,
As each milestone you pass.

I remember so well holding you in my arms,
No matter how old you will be,
Forever I will hold you in my heart,
And I will love you eternally.

©2009 Virginia Donahue

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One Response to Remembering You

  1. Daddy says:

    Nice poem for a nice guy.

    Not to be too biaced, but he's a great son for you all.

    I'm sure there are days that are even more precious than others, but he's grown up to be a blessing to all who know him.

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