US History and Geography for This Year

I finished my newest copybook just in time for President’s Day. It’s called “A Copybook of the United States Presidents: Words from our Leaders . There is also a sample there for you to have a look-see.

This was a long project research wise. I have read enough presidential speeches to last a lifetime, but I also learned a tremendous amount about the men who have led our country over the years. Just by reading their speeches and other documents I learned a lot about who they were and what they felt about America. No matter whether they have been considered good or bad presidents, one thing was always clear. They truly loved our country.

My daughter has been studying history with this copybook for the past few months. She does the copywork and reads biographies about that president one day. The next day she fills in the Fast Facts block and reads some more. The third day she does a report on the president and what was going on during his presidency. She seems to be enjoying it a lot more than dry text books.

In additional to her presidential study, she has been doing a state study. She is using my State Study Motto Copybook and Notebook Pages along with A Trail Guide to US Geography  from Geography Matters. to study the states.

Doing history this way seems to be working well for her.

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One Response to US History and Geography for This Year

  1. Dad says:

    Congrads of completing your book.

    I know this was the result of a lot of research

    and time.

    Good luck with it's sale.

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