Procrastinator? Who Me?

You Are a Bit of a Procrastinator
You tend to get things done in a timely manner, but you can’t help but put off tasks you hate.
You have no problem getting the fun or easy stuff done. You generally enjoy taking care of responsibilities.

However, if a task arises that you dislike, it might get shelved for a long time.
And even though it’s human nature to procrastinate, your procrastination is hindering your productivity.

Take a look at the things you are putting off doing. Do they really need to be done?
Complete any task that’s important. The other stuff you’re procrastinating is probably not worth doing.

Lately this seems to be more true than false. Need to work on that for sure. How ’bout you? Do you put off stuff?
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One Response to Procrastinator? Who Me?

  1. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    Took the quiz, which says I am a "Total Procrastinator"…would consider posting to blog, but, well, things to do…must procrastinate a bit! LOL!

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