More Computer Trouble

I have spent most of today at the mercy of Microsoft techs who have been trying to get my laptop compatible with their virus software. They do this by taking over your computer remotely. They have been at this for 4 days, messing around with this and that and the other thing. I know that’s no excuse for not coming by or for posting, but it has made things difficult. And work has been crazy busy. Add to that that I am trying to finish a copybook for President’s day along with homeschooling it makes for a very busy life. But I love it. Living every day to the fullest and all. I think I’ll give myself the rest of the week off from blogging and try to visit all my friends before I don’t have any left.
By the way, the newest issue of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine (Winter 2008/2009) is out with my interview with Kevin Scott Collier.
If you do read my article, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
So it’s back to work and off to visit all those neglected blogs.

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One Response to More Computer Trouble

  1. CandyFoote says:

    Ha, I found you!

    I've added you as a friend.


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