Blogger Friend School-Now You’re Playing with Power (Nintendo)

Memory Verse:

Genesis 7:24
The water held power over the earth for 150 days.


The only witnesses to the Flood are Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives – 8 people.   And then there’s the animals, 2 of every unclean animal and 7 pairs of every clean animal. When Noah and his family emerged from the ark, they offered sacrifices and praised the Lord for preserving them.


What kind of catastrophe have you lived through? Weather? Fire? Car crash? Did you feel the oppression of the power of the disaster, or the protection of the Power of the Lord?  Tell us the story of how you rejoiced and praised Him through it and after it.

I have led a very blessed life. The only major catastrophe that I have had to live through happened when I was a little girl, about 7 years old.  I wrote about that event in my post titled “A Doll Story”.   I think that post says it all.

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  1. kellieann says:

    I've been meaning to stop by and tell you I saw your article in OSM….great job!!!

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