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Back in February I posted about our classroom switch.  Our new room has become our haven for learning.  I’m reposting the pictures of the classroom for this post, but I must confess, it is definitely not that neat anymore. It has a lived-in-learned-in look to it now. 










When it comes to studying, the kids prefer to do that in their bedrooms with the door closed.  I have tried to ‘help’ them study but they do so much better on their own.  Learning does take place all around our home and outside the house. The car really is one of my favorite ‘study’ spots.  We listen to books on CDs.  We stop the CD and discuss different aspects to the stories.  I am always excited by their observations and the conversations that happen.  I guess because there are fewer diversions the car makes a peaceful place for learning.  No matter where we are is a perfect place for learning whenever we are together.


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6 Responses to Homeschool Memoirs-Study Time

  1. southofthefork says:

    I agree that any time together is learning time! And honestly, I think I might look forward to "studying in the bedroom with the door shut" just a tad! 😀

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and thank you for sharing your experience!


  2. letshomeschool says:

    We all need a classroom like yours. It is so inviting.

  3. 4sweetums says:

    Thanks for sharing. We love to listen to stories in the car too.



  4. lahbluebonnet says:

    I remember when you put this together. I'm glad all that effort is paying off, even with the kids in their rooms studying. 😉 It's still nice to have a central location. We have been making significant changes to ours.



  5. Lalaith says:

    Your school room looks really nice! 🙂

    And I forgot to add about learning in the car, too, but you're right.

    Mary Beth

  6. lcourtneymom says:

    I really like how the ceiling slopes and you can put posters on it!

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