What Kind of Cereal Are You?

You know how I love these little quizzes.  I thought this one was fitting. Although some who know me know I’m really a ‘Captain Crunch’ kind of gal (seriously love that cereal), they may think this is more appropriate to my personality: very corny and a touch flaky.


You Are Corn Flakes
You are traditional and easy going.
If something is high quality, you’re satisfied with it.

You don’t need much variety or novelty in your life.
You’re happy with what you have. You’re quite loyal.

You’re the type of person who eats the same breakfast every day…
And likely at the exact same time each day!

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3 Responses to What Kind of Cereal Are You?

  1. kellieann says:

    I got cornflakes too. I'd love to see the other choices. Not sure that really describes me. Oh well…it's just cereal. Have a great weekend!

  2. Dad says:

    I also like these "surveys". I came out to be a

    Cherios guy….which is what I eat a lot.

  3. Haflingerhorses says:

    I wonder what kind of cereal

    I'd be…Lucky Charms? It's my favorite.

    I like your school room (in the below blog)


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