Currclick and The Old Schoolhouse News

There are a couple of things that I wanted to let you know about if you haven’t already heard about them.  If you noticed the banner at the top of my page, the Homeschool E-store has officially changed its name to Currclick.  In addition to offering a huge selection of e-books, it has pumped up its website a bit.  You can now create a wish list to save those books that you are thinking about purchasing and can send that wish list to friends and family.  They have also added a preview feature on some products that gives you a page-by-page look at the book you are interested in.  During Currclick’s grand opening you will get a 10% account credit on every purchase.  If you haven’t tried e-books yet, this is a great opportunity to see what the buzz is all about.

Also, if you have wanted to get the Old Schoolhouse Magazine, they are now offering a digital form of the magazine at a substantial savings.  Until the 18th, you can purchase a subscription to the e-zine for only $10.95.  From 3/19-3/25, the cost is only $12.95, 3/26-4/2, $14.95, and 4/3-4/8, $16.95.  This is a great opportunity to get the magazine.  The e-zine includes the ability to print articles and has click able direct links to advertisers and website references.  I was quick to jump on this opportunity and within minutes of placing my order was perusing the pages of the fall issue.  In addition to the wonderful savings you will receive various free gifts.  If The Old Schoolhouse isn’t already part of your homeschooling resources, this is a wonderful time to try it out.  On a side note, many contributors of the articles have blogs here at homeschollblogger.

These are great opportunities to try new things at great savings.


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