Catch-up/Clean-up Day

Just a quick post for today.  The kids and I are taking today as a ‘Catch-up/Clean-up’ day.  We need one of these days about once a month to stay on track.  It’s a rainy day here, so it’s a perfect day for it.

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3 Responses to Catch-up/Clean-up Day

  1. 4sweetums says:

    What wonderful prompts.. I showed them to my son and he is going to use some of them for this month.



  2. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    Another e-book! You know I'm all excited about it!



  3. southmsmomof4 says:

    I really enjoy using these. I love that they are in a calender form. This way we have a monthly calender along with the prompts and this means less printing so less paper and less ink used. I post it on our white board at the beginning of each month. When we do creative writing, I tell the children to look at todays date and write away:) Looking forward to the ebook and will try to make it over to the H&G party.

    Be blessed,


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