More Explorer Lapbook Printables and More

We are well into our explorer studies and as promised here are a few of the things that we are using.
This is my Basic lesson Plan for this Study:
Explorer Basic Lesson Plan

Here is a hyper-linked page of the websites that we are using to gather information about the explorers (please preview those links before allowing your children to use them as websites change regularly):
Explorer Web Sites

These are the pockets we made to put our completed explorer cards into. We printed them on different colored paper representing the different countries.
Explorer Pocket 1-Spanish Explorers
Explorer Pocket 2-English Explorers
Explorer Pocket 3-French Explorers
Blank pocket

We are also adding to our vocabulary. We are using the words: astrolabe, cartographer, circumnavigate, compass, conquistador, exploration, expedition, isthmus, missionary, navigation, Northwest Passage, and peninsula.
This is a basic vocabulary flap booklet for 12 words- there are two sheets in this file. 1 side is the front and can be used alone, but I made the backside because my kids have trouble writing in a straight line and I wanted them to have guidelines to keep their work neat. Just do double-side printing. Also, be sure you set the page scaling to fit in the margins. Had a bit of trouble with the sizing being even.
2-sided, 12 Word Vocabulary Flap book

Here is a quick slide show of how we make the 2-sided flap book. (Slide show begins with the slide captioned “With front side up. . .”)

We are using a single page booklet to make mini-biographies of each explorer we study. Again I’ve made these with lines and we glued images of the explorer to the front of each booklet. I am using Amy Pak’s History Through the Ages timeline figures on the front of each booklet, but you can find other images of explorers on the internet. We also printed these on different colored paper to match our explorer pockets.
Booklet with lines and blank cover
Booklet with lines and blank front and back

How to make one sheet booklet: (slide show begins with the slide captioned “Fold in half the long way”)

Hope that someone will find these things of some use.Love to hear what you think.

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3 comments on “More Explorer Lapbook Printables and More

  1. kellieann on said:

    Love the vocab booklet! We're not studying explorers right now, but that is a very versatile tool! I enjoyed reading about your holiday weekend too. That is strange about your turkey. I always just get a breast and cook it in the crockpot.

  2. lahbluebonnet on said:

    I have an award for you at my blog!

  3. I have just found your Explorers printables and I am SO excited! My son has struggled with keeping all of facts straight about all of the different explorers–and I've been praying for GOD to show me how to make school "fun" again for us each day. This is HIS ANSWER to me! Thanks so much for reminding me that homeschooling is FUN!

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