Turkey, Cat and Mouse, Thanks and 200th Post

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was very nice.  We had a bit of a problem with the turkey not cooking properly.  The strangest thing, after 3 ½ hours literally half the bird was cooked and the other half was not.  We put it back in the oven for another hour and still only part of it cooked.  So we ate the cooked part, which was very good and put the other half back into the oven while we ate.  After we had finished our meal and cleaned up, I took the bird from the oven and let it cool. It seemed to be finally cooked after 5 ½ hours.  Never had this happen before. Can’t figure it out.  We thought it might be my oven because the glass on the door is cracked (but not all the way through) but my mom said she was telling someone about what had happened and the woman told her that she was the third person to tell her that had happened to them.  Strange.  I ended up making a potpie and soup from what meat was left.  Everything else turned out great.  I made the dressing this year and I think I may have mastered the recipe, finally, after too many years to count. 

Saturday, my computer mouse died.  I could no longer right click.  I think I just wore it out.  My darling husband told me to go get a wireless one like he uses for his laptop.  Now, this being the weekend after Thanksgiving and knowing the chaos and mayhem associated with shopping on this weekend, I dreaded going out. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t all that bad.  All the early-birders must have finished Friday, because the stores were fairly normal.  I went to the usual places, comparing prices and ended up getting a better deal by buying a wireless keyboard and a mouse. We just called it an early Christmas gift. 

We also discovered that a poor little kitty, Willow, was suffering from fleas.  We hadn’t felt any on ourselves so we had no idea that she had them.  We gave her another bath, which she didn’t appreciate very much and spent another half hour searching for and picking off the little vermin.  Don’t know if you ever heard of this one, but save your money buying flea shampoo.  Dawn dish detergent works wonderfully.  Kills them dead.

Sunday was peaceful and quiet. We have been trying to stick to our commitment of making it a day of rest and so far we have been pretty faithful to that commitment. Went to visit my son who got a kitten that looks just like Willow, but with short hair.

I am actually looking forward to getting back to schoolwork.  We finished our mini study on germs and I’m happy to say that we are all cold free. The house got such a thorough cleaning that we should be good for a while.  Our history study of the explorers is going very well.  Over the next few days I will be posting some of the sheets we have been using for making our lapbook and the basic Lesson plan we have been following.

(Such a long post, so much to share)

I want to send out a very special thank-you to those who had nominated my blog for Best Crafts, Plans, and Projects.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. I am so honored and humbled that you thought my blog was worthy of recognition. It is a lot to live up to and I hope I won’t disappoint.   The other sites that were nominated are so awesome.  Be sure to check them all out.  There are so many absolutely wonderful people out there sharing themselves freely.  Be sure to remember to vote for your favorites December 3rd.

Thank-you again for your support and the ultimate compliment.

(BTW this is my 200th post.)



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4 Responses to Turkey, Cat and Mouse, Thanks and 200th Post

  1. 4sweetums says:

    That is so strange. I never heard of a turkey only cooking on one side. WOW! Congrads on your 200th post. I always enjoy reading your blog.



  2. 2girlsand2boys says:

    Glad to hear that your Thanksgiving was great. How weird about the turkey!

    Congrats on your 200th post. I just reach 200 recently too!

    Have a great day!

  3. lahbluebonnet says:

    Hmmmm, unusual turkey! We had to leave our early turkey in the oven turned off right before we ran to doc Wed afternoon….and came home to a perfectly cooked turkey and got a perfectly cooked dinner that night! However the next morning, my muffins exploded! Oh well! LOL



  4. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    I'm getting close to 300…just a few to go! Wow!

    That's really odd about the turkey…interesting. Mine went in at 3:45 AM…thanks to that food network calculator, I did well…it actually froze a little in the back (my fridge is a little frustrating sometimes), but not badly. And it came out right on time, nicely done. I had followed suggestions about leaving foil off until the last hour, but 3 hours after it got going, the skin was pretty brown and I tented foil over it for the remaining 5 hours of cooking time. Lots of fun! This was the first time I put stuffing in the bird…lots of firsts this holiday!

    Congratulations on your nomination…gotta head over and vote!



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