My Dad

Today is my father’s birthday and I wanted to take a few moments to tell you about him.The list of adjectives to describe him could go on for pages. I not only love, respect and admire him, but I am also proud to be called his daughter. His strength of character has inspired me to try to make good choices for my own life.

My father worked hard to show us a good life and his personal relationship with God is loudly express in the everyday actions of his life.  My brother and I were born in Spain because he was stationed there serving his country in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.  After his tour and moving back to the states, to better provide for his family of 6, he often held more than one job and went to night school to earn degrees.  He has always volunteered for various positions and activities at church and made sure we went to services every Sunday.  He not only taught us to be good stewards, but, by creating and teaching a Financial Freedom class, also shares his wisdom with others, young and old alike. Through our growing-up years we presented him with some very trying situations, but his discipline and understanding was always just and fair.  As a grandfather, he has participated in my children’s lives, not only by going to school functions and ball games, but just by giving them his time.  My husband never knew his father, but considers my dad as his own.  We often seek his consul in the decisions that we make.  His enjoyment of nature and the outdoors and his creativity have been passed down to his children and now his grandchildren.

God, in His infinite wisdom, chose my father especially for me.  He put me under his care and I am eternally grateful He did.  We learn much from our parents. What I have learned and I am still learning from my dad I hope will be passed on to my children and their children and so on through the generations.  Patriotism, diligence, resourcefulness, leadership, reverence, stewardship, respect, fairness, wisdom, compassion, and most importantly, love, are all reflected in the actions of my father’s life.  I hope that one day, my life will be a testament of what he has taught me.

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  1. MyThree3Sons says:

    How sweet. You are blessed to have such a great relationship with your father.

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