Porcelain Look Clay

This is a really cool recipe to make a clay that when it dries it looks like porcelain.  Use it to make small items.  We have used it to make tiny animals and delicate flowers.


1 slice of white bread, crusts given to the birds

1 tablespoon tacky glue

Acrylic paint in desired color

Small disposable container

Craft popsicle stick

(Optional: cold cream)


Break the bread into small pieces and put into a small disposable container.  Add the glue to the bread and mix with Popsicle stick until a coarse ball. 

Making sure your hands are very clean, as the dirt will transfer to the clay, knead the mixture for about 5 minutes or until smooth and pliable.  If the clay is still too coarse, add a little more glue.  When the clay becomes smooth it will no longer stick to your hands.


To color the clay, split the clay into separate balls for each color desired.  Flatten a ball in your hands, then make a little well in the middle.  Add a small amount of acrylic paint and then knead the clay until the paint is completely incorporated.  If you need a deeper color, add more paint, a little at a time, kneading in between until desired color is achieved. 


Store each color in a separate plastic bag.  Can be stored in the refrigerator over night.


Use clay just like another clay.  For fine details, the thinner you flatten the clay, the more porcelain-like your project will be. 


Let project air-dry. This sometimes takes a few days to be completely dry depending on the thickness of the project. The effect is pretty cool.


Special notes:  I have always used tacky glue and have no idea if regular school glue could be substitued.  If you try it, please share your results.

Making this clay doesn’t take long but it is a very messy, gooey, and sticky process. If you coat the tablespoon with a thin layer of cold cream, the glue seems to come off easier.  Also, coating your hands helps the clay not to stick to them as badly, and it believe me, it will stick!

Once the clay is fully kneaded and colored, it becomes very easy to use and is worth the mess.

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