Our Bird Photos

Some of our favorite things to photograph are birds. Because they seem to have a hyperactive nature, I am extremely grateful for digital cameras and the ability to take lots of shots to finally get a few that you can actually recognize the subject. Here are some of our favorite pictures taken the past few months.

(I have linked the bird names to its respective information page at whatbird.com.)

Northern Cardinal (male)

House Finches (male and female)

Pretty sure this is a Great Blue Heron

American Gold Finch (male)

Mallard (male)

Mallard couple (male and female)

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (female)

My husband found this nest of birds on a tank at one of the sites he delivers to. I think he got an excellent picture considering he used his phone to take it. I am happy to say that he was able to protect the nest from harm while delivering the cryogenic liquids by surrounding the nest with work gloves and making sure that none of the frozen gas got near them.

While we are not “formally” involved in nature studies as part of our curriculum this year, we still continue enjoying our love of God’s creation. I don’t think that will ever change. Over the past few months we have taken great joy in the simple pleasure of observation and practicing photography of nature. I don’t know about you, but I have found wildlife is not the easiest thing to photograph. The critters seem most uncooperative (insert smile here). But through patience and persistence (and a whole lot of really bad and blurry pictures) we have been able to come up with some pretty good shots, albeit perhaps not professional quality, but nice all the same considering we use a fairly simple camera.

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