Mission Organization: Refrigerator Makeover

Sometimes the simplest ideas seem to elude us, like this idea inspired from something I saw on Pinterest. Cleaning the shelves in my fridge is such a pain; removing everything, taking the shelves out, washing them, drying them, putting everything back. I had seen where some folks line their shelves with plastic wrap then just change it out when it got dirty, but I am more partial to something re-usable. I also saw a post where they used placemats to line their shelves (wish I could find the link for it-if it’s you let me know so I can give credit where credit is due), but my shelves are large so that wasn’t going to work too well. There would have been a lot of piecing to get them to cover everything and I was afraid stuff would get under the overlaps, not to mention my OCD nature would have been irritated by the ‘bumps’ formed from it. I took a trip to my friendly Dollar Store and found what worked perfectly for my fridge.

I ended up having to go back and get 3 more rolls to finish all the shelves with a little left over, but for a $6 investment I went from this:

To this:

Now when the fridge needs to be cleaned all I have to do is take the shelf-liners out, clean them up and return them to the fridge. My game plan is hopefully I won’t have to empty the fridge (except for those ‘science experiments’ lurking in there) every time I need to clean the shelves. Maybe I can get away with a bi-annually major clean-out and just clean the liners monthly. My husband even commented on how he liked how it really dressed the refrigerator up, and he usually does not have much to say about my whimsy. Amazing how something so simple can not only add functionality but beauty.

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