YouTube Tim Hawkins Free Credit Report Dot Com Spoof

I’m not big on commercials, but occasionally there are a few that stick out in my mind. I think that the Free Credit Report dot com commercials are clever, so when I came across this YouTube video I just had to share.

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3 Responses to YouTube Tim Hawkins Free Credit Report Dot Com Spoof

  1. Carrissa says:

    Love it…GOD is GOOD!!

  2. blestmom says:

    My dd(13) really loves those Free Credit Report commercials….I think they're goofy. She also likes the version by Tim Hawkins that you have here as she's a fan of Tim Hawkins as well, lol.


  3. creativeclassroom says:

    Loved it!!!! Thanks for posting. Someday I hope to put cool stuff on my blog. Maybe once my kids are old enough to do it for me. Ha!

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