Hubby's Birthday Surprise

Well, my big surprise for my husband’s birthday went perfectly. Thursday morning my oldest met my younger son and I at my Dad’s house at 6:00 in the morning to pick up the gift. We brought it into the house and set it up. When my husband came home almost 2 hours later than we thought he was totally shocked…

and very happy…

to see his big surprise.

A 50" TV for his 50th birthday.

As far back as I can remember he has been wanting a big screen TV. He often eyed them in the stores, but I always told him it was just too big and not needed. I still think that way, but this gift wasn’t for me. It was to give the man who has always put others first something he really wanted. I saved for months and was so happy to find a good deal on this.

After seeing his surprise we had dinner of lasagna with sauce I had made from the tomatoes from my garden. (This is before I baked it. I forgot to get the after.)

My daughter made him a special dessert (we had special birthday cake on Saturday that my mom had custom made for him).


I thought I had a number five candle but it seems lately we have every number except the one we need. So my daughter just used 5 regular candles, 1 for every 10 years and a "0".

My husband really enjoys Oreo Pie so that is what my daughter made for him.

He really loved his gift and keeps saying to me, "That’s a really big TV."

Thank you Lord, for allowing me to get my husband a want instead of a need for his 50th.

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2 Responses to Hubby's Birthday Surprise

  1. sisihope101 says:

    Aww that was soo nice. Hope he like's it,And he oviusly(sp?)has a very loving wife!:)

  2. SandInMyPocket says:

    What a great gift! I dont know why that's so important to guys but it sure is. James came into our marriage with a giant flat screen and when we moved into our first place he mounted it right above the fireplace. I would have preferred a mirror or artwork there, but he was so proud of it. I can't complain though- he lets me have final say on the decor everywhere else, so I let him put his giant tv wherever he wants. 🙂

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