Vacation Procrastination

This past week has been very full with preparations for our vacation. What I mean by that is that we have been cleaning and finishing up projects before our family arrives from Maine. They did arrive last night, a day early, which really threw us into a cleaning frenzy yesterday. I honestly think that "procrastination” should be removed from existence. I sometimes feel like I am the queen of procrastination. I can hear myself thinking “oh you have another day to do that” or “that will only take a few minutes to do” but then all of a sudden those minutes and days are gone and things are left undone. So now we will be packing and making ready with 4 other people in the house trying not to be rude but all the time needing to accomplish much.
I have been forbidden by my family to take my computer along with me so I will be “unplugged” for a week. This is probably a good thing. I am praying that when we return I will have planned out a working schedule to prioritize and organize my “have to’s” and my “want to’s”. When we return, we will begin our new school year refreshed and revived.

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One Response to Vacation Procrastination

  1. blessingsundreamtof says:

    Oh how well I understand procrastination!!! I feel your pain!!! Hope your vacation is truly relaxing and peaceful and that you DO come home ready to start schooling… however, if it were me… I'd take a week to reestablish routines and recover from vacation before starting school.



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