2009-2010 What We Plan to Use

Last week I finally got my paperwork into the homeschool association for registering this year. I dove into my Rainbow Resource catalog and finally made some decisions on what we will be using for some of our subjects next year. Being such an eclectic homeschool leaves the options wide open, but I was looking for things that I thought might keep the kids interest without becoming overwhelming. Even though we are going into our sixth year of homeschooling I am still learning something new every year. So many things look interesting and it makes it hard for me to decide, but I think I have found some new things that might work well for us. I let the kids help me choose some of the books we will be using and we are also going to use some of what we have used in the past. This is what we decided on:

*New to us

10th Grader:
English 2-Learning Language Arts through Literature-American Literature
Writing-Write with the Best 2, Journal Writing
Algebra 2-*Saxon Algebra 2
Chemistry-*Exploring Creation with Chemistry
Government/Civics-*Amanda Bennett’s American Government Unit Study
Economics-*Money Matters for Teens-HS level
Geography-Trail Guide to U.S. Geography
Bible Study-Old Testament Survey
Auto Mechanics- *Auto Mechanics & taught by older son
Computer Skills
Spanish- The Fun Spanish

7th Grader:
English- Learning Language Arts through Literature-Gray Book; *Language Lessons for the Secondary Child
Writing-Journal Writing
Math-Saxon 87
Science-Exploring Creation with General Science
History-Continue Study of the Presidents, *Amanda Bennett’s American Government Unit Study; *Money Matters for Teens-Elementary Level, All through the Ages
Bible Study-Old Testament, Beautiful Girlhood
Computer Skills
Spanish-The Fun Spanish

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2 Responses to 2009-2010 What We Plan to Use

  1. 4sweetums says:

    It looks like you have a great year set up. We are off in running with some of our new books today.



  2. Anonymous says:

    you are way ahead of us in planning. I have got to get busy preparing for the new year.



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