Summer Projects Update

A couple have weeks have passed since I posted my Summer Projects list and we have been able to accomplish a few of them. The garage is now complete. It took 2 days to get that done but it is really nice to find something when you are looking for it. For father’s day we bought my husband the bottom rolling cart to his toolbox, so now all his tools are sorted. What amazed me was the number of screwdirvers he has. They fill a whole drawer, yet for the longest time when we needed one we could never find one the right size.

We’ve also been able to go completely through the three bedrooms and clean out the clutter, but those are a continuing battle.

We have been baking a bit more. Yesterday we made a Zucchini-Carrot-Coconut cake and baked a zucchini-carrot bread in the bread machine. While the cake is more of snack bar than a cake, it is very good and super moist. And the bread- well let’s just say that the doorstop has some competition. I got the recipe for the bread from the internet, but I will definately not make it again unless a need matching bookends.

I am hoping to tackle a few more items on the list over the next month, but not sure how many will get done. I think the “Laze around when it’s too hot to do anything” will move to the top of the list. 

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One Response to Summer Projects Update

  1. 4sweetums says:

    Hey, I bet the garage and bedrooms were a huge accomplishment. Have a great time resting up. You all deserve it.



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