Poor, Poor, Neglected Blog

I have come to the conclusion that summer has been just so busy with everything that my blog looks like I have abandoned it. But I haven’t. I think of it often and even come up with ideas about what I would like to share, but, alas, time slips away and the hours slip into days and the postings get fewer and further between. I have good intentions to share new found insight, random ramblings and other sorts of chatter. My  original “To do” list is getting shorter, but new ones are being formed. I am working on huge projects for work and planning for the new school year. We are looking forward to my sister-in-law and her new family coming down from Maine the first week in August and I really would like to pull together a tag sale to pare down the endless clutter. So, if I haven’t totally lost my readership, don’t be dismayed. I shall return now and again to add a little TLC to my poor, poor, neglected blog. 

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