Weekend Adventures

What a busy weekend we had! My Brownie Troop and I spent Friday night at Carowinds Camp Wilderness campground. We had a grand time. I personally would not recommend the campground if you are looking for a peaceful, spacious visit. The sites are quite small and the campground is in the flight path of Douglas International Airport. We were also subjected to the trains running on one side of the grounds and the sounds of traffic from 77 on the other. We also learned that they test the rides very early in the morning. We were on the back side of one of the big coasters. But the girls really enjoyed the playground and free Putt-Putt. Saturday we spent enjoying the rides. I think the girls’ favorite was White Water Falls where they got thoroughly soak on the ride and standing on the observation deck. I love roller coasters and we all (except our one Daisy) rode the Carolina Cyclone. This trip was the end of the year event that the girls’ choose to spend their Cookie money on. It also was the last event I had as a Brownie Girl Scout Leader. I had decided that where my daughter was now a Cadet and I really did not get to do much with her that I would “retire” this year. I hope that this will give me more opportunities to spend time with her on her Scouting adventures.

My daughter had her last Program Aid Training sleepover Friday night so she did not come with me to the campout. There was an issue Saturday with her leader though that irritated us totally. They got done early (11:00) with their shopping. My husband was at my son’s ball game and I was in the park. One of her leaders took it upon herself to drive my daughter home without notifying either of us. She dropped her off at the house with no one there. She was locked out and had no way to contact anyone. When my husband arrived at where he was to pick her up at 2:00, no one was there so he called me. I had no idea what to tell him, so we frantically began to make calls. I got a hold of her leader and she told me that she had dropped her off at our house. So I kept calling the house trying to reach her not thinking that she would be locked out. I let my husband know what had happened and he flew home to find her sitting in the garage. She told us that she had tried to call me but kept getting an error message. Luckily she was safe and sound but we were furious with her leader not contacting us or even waiting to make sure she could get into the house. Needless to say, this will not happen again.

Sunday, the kids and I spent the day recuperating from our adventures. My husband was called in to work, but will have Thursday off instead. This will work out good because we are going to the beach for the weekend. We have another busy week of softball games, my daughter’s library training, dentist appointments and getting ready to go away ahead of us. Don’t you just love summer?

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