My Daughter Bridges to Cadets

Last night, amidst torrential downpours outside, the sun was shining on us as our Girl Scout troops had their end of the year Bridging Ceremony. My daughter moved up to Cadets. They made special notice of her achievements. She was the first in her troop to achieve her Bronze Award, the highest award given to Juniors, earlier this year and earned the most Junior Badges, 32, The Sign of the Rainbow and the Sign of the Star. Earlier this year she received her Junior Aid Award and last night she received her Program Aid Pin so she can work at Girl Scout camp this summer. They also made mention again that when she was in Brownies, she was the first girl from there to earn every Brownie Try-it (there were 60). She is already looking through the Cadet book and choosing the badges she wants to work on over the summer. They called her their “over-achiever” but I call her “self-motivated” and I am so very proud of her achievements.

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3 Responses to My Daughter Bridges to Cadets

  1. BTD says:

    I am so not an over achiever i just get bord and that is just something to do.

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  2. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    Brenda! It was pouring here last night as well. Glad the sun was shining on Miss Brenda!


  3. Dad - Pepere says:

    We are sorry that we could not attend Brenda's

    ceremony due to the bad weather. The wind was so bad that two of the pool chairs ended up in the pool and the canopy broke loose. I was busy until 8:30 with clean up.

    We are very proud of Brenda's achievements with the scouts. Although she may feel bored at times, I feel that she has matured significantly over the past few years and that she simply has to "go the extra mile"

    in what she does.

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