Word of the Year-Busy

Busy. Have I said that before? It seems to be the word of the year. And I love it. Some weeks are crazier than others, as this one seems to be, but I love having things to do. I don’t think boredom will ever be an issue. But finding the time to blog has fallen to the wayside.

This weekend we enjoyed the beautiful weather and cleaned up the yard. My husband finally got a yard tractor (which we learned is a bit different from a lawn tractor) and was able to mow. The clover had become so thick that the dogs were able to crouch down and disappear into the sea of green waiting to pounce as someone (or the cat) walked by. The flower beds are cleaned out of weeds and a fresh layer of mulch laid. We weren’t able to till the garden but where the weather turned cold again this week that wasn’t a bad thing. We’ll get to that this weekend. The kids and I have taken a break this week from the traditional schooling and have been focusing on home economics by cleaning out the closest and replenishing them with a trip the Goodwill. Tuesday was my son’s fiancé’s birthday so we took them out to Subway for lunch. Yesterday we had a tree service come in and take down a tree that was blocking the entry into the back yard. It looks so weird and I was amazed at how much sun shines through now. One of the workers who took down the tree was a former student of mine. He is now 21 and married. How time truly flies. Yesterday was also my eldest’s birthday. He turned 23. Unbelievable. How can he be 23 when his dad is still 29 (so he says)?

The kids had physicals last week and I had to take the 15 year old for x-rays to check for scoliosis. I finally got a hold of someone with the results Monday. They say that he does have it but it is only slight. They are supposed to call with an appointment with the orthopedics. If I don’t hear anything by tomorrow, I’ll be bugging them again Monday. I have been researching to learn more. I am not too concerned because I know God is in control, but I still don’t want to wait for treatment. Today I am taking him to the orthodontist for a consultation. We know he needs braces but I wanted a second opinion as to what extent. He is as thrilled as you might guess.

My daughter helped my mom clean out her closest yesterday and will be going fishing again with my dad while we are at the orthodontist. She is really enjoying spending time with her grandparents and what a true blessing it is that they are an active part of my children’s lives.

I have been busy with many projects at work and loving it. I really like my job and all the great folks that I work with. What a blessing it is to be doing all the things I love to do. I can homeschool my children and be wife and mom and also have a job that fits into that first love.

Sunday we will be celebrating my son’s birthday, along with his finance’s birthday and the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Life is so good.

With all this going on I have had little time to keep up on my blog. I really strive to post something every day, but sometimes I just don’t think I have anything anyone would want to read about. When I write about my family it is not just to keep folks updated but to share with others the normalcy that we have in our life. There is so much drama, pain and sadness in the world I find it a relief when I read about normal, happy homes with the day to day simplicity of living. So if you stopped by here for a soap operatic blurb, you’ve come to the wrong place. The Guiding Light in the Days of Our Lives As the World Turns for All My Children is Jesus! We have One Life to Live so we are not Young and Restless but Bold and Beautiful for Him.

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  1. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    Things are so busy and my blog suffereth also. I think it's because things for ME always come last – but that's ok! Like you, I love my job (and my coworkers = YOU) and I love being home with my kids! We are blessed!

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