Rejoice, Rejoice!
Sing with one voice
The gates of Heaven are open
The price has been paid,
The sacrifice made,
Salvation for all men.
Shout Glory, Shout Glory,
The ultimate love story,
Death has lost its hold.
Freedom for all,
Who heed His call,
Life for young and old.
Praise Him, Praise Him,
He took on our sin
And bore it on the Cross,
He conquered the grave
That all would be saved
And not one of us would be lost.

©2009 Virginia Donahue

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One Response to Rejoice

  1. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    I used a similar line, "heed His call"…didn't see your poem 'til after I'd posted mine. Very nicely done!

    Have a blessed resurrection Sunday!


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