Lonely Weekend

This past weekend was so quiet for me. My husband, sons and Dad went on their annual fishing trip. Then my daughter went on a campout with her Girl Scout troop, so I was all alone for 2 days. I had been looking forward to having time all to myself but once they were gone I missed them. How crazy is that? I had no one to take care of but myself and you would think that I would have enjoyed the peace and quiet, but I found that I felt aimless. I worked on a few projects and watched chick-flicks on the Hallmark channel, but still wished for the interruptions. I was really happy when they were all back home again.
They all had a great time, though the fish weren’t biting much. They also came home a little redder from all the sun they got and quite tired. So funny that when they go on vacations they need a few days of rest to recuperate. I sent the camera along with the guys so they could take some pictures.

They took this picture of the smoke cloud from the huge fire in North Myrtle Beach.

What trip to the state park is complete without a visit to the nature center.

They enjoyed each other’s company and relaxing.

They fished for hours and did catch a few fish.

The guys in my life.


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One Response to Lonely Weekend

  1. 2boysmom says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I sometimes just encourage my husband to take the boys on a boat ride or something manly, just so I can have some alone time. It's always great for the first few hours, then it becomes too quiet. By the time they come back, I am so ready to hear chatter, and just have the comfort of all of us being in the same house! Looks like they had some good manly time (in your pics).

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