Gone Fishin'

We took a break from our studies on Friday.  We packed our fishing poles, stopped by the local Subway to grab a couple of grinders for lunch and headed over to Lansford Canal for some well needed relaxation.  Although we did not catch a single thing, we thoroughly enjoyed the serenity of the place and just being together. 

(We always look so goofy)

(Yes. Yuck, that’s a minnow.  Teenagers!)

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3 Responses to Gone Fishin'

  1. Sawickis says:

    It looks like you ad an excellant day. I'm not sure if it's ecause he's a teenager or a boy 😉


  2. Dad says:

    Sorry you did not catch any fish, but I also enjoy

    just looking at God's wonders and watching the

    river, eagles and fish jumping. Glad you had a time

    to relax and enjoy each other. As for your son's tasty treat….yuk!

  3. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    Looks like you had such a great day together. You don't look goofy at all and Brenda……she looks SO grown up!


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