Kitchen Gadget- Bread Machine

I love kitchen gadgets and have my share of them, but one of my newest has become one of my favorites.  I found this at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. 

I had seen it on one of my visits and passed on it because it didn’t have its manual.  The thing stayed on my mind for a few weeks until I finally gave in, went by and bought it for a whole $10.  I found its manual on line and have been enjoying sweet smells and tasty treats ever since.  We love homemade bread but I have never had much luck with it doing it the old-fashioned way.  Never could get it to rise correctly.  This machine makes it so easy to enjoy fresh bread without the hassle. A loaf barely makes it through the day around here.  I have been experimenting with various recipes and have found a couple that the family really likes.  I make a loaf about every week or so.  We made a honey-cinnamon-raisin bread today.  Even though the raisins seemed to have vanished into the bread during the process, it is (was) delicious. 

Does anyone else have a bread machine?  What are your thoughts about them?


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6 Responses to Kitchen Gadget- Bread Machine

  1. kellieann says:

    I do not have one, but I kinda want one. My attempt at bread-making, recently chronicled on my blog, was not entirely successful. I've known people who make great use of theirs. If I found a deal like yours, I'd definitely pick one up!

  2. 4sweetums says:

    I don't have much space for kitchen gadgets. But I hear a lot of people love their bread machines. I am glad you are enjoying yours. We just make our bread the old fashioned way.



  3. mom2many says:

    I LOVE my breadmaker! I make bread, pizza dough, breadstick dough, and anything else that sounds good with it! Just google "bread machine recipes" for hours of recipe surfing! :o)

    I especially like the timer feature on mine … there's nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh baked bread.

  4. CrossView says:

    What a great deal! I'd grab a deal like that just to find out if I would even use one… I'm afraid to pay the full price just in case it sits there unused. =/

  5. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    I never use it. It is big and takes up too much room to leave it out on my counter. I don't have room to store it, so it's stuffed in a cupboard so tightly that it's inconvenient to get it out. I keep telling myself I need to though – I'm a bread snob and only like homemade bread. Of course, whenever I did use the bread machine, we went through bread much faster. So it's probably a good thing we don't use it or we'd all be much fatter! LOL

  6. psalms16vs2 says:

    Yes, I have a bread maker and I use it regularly. Much more often lately. My family gobbles up the bread and we have some of our favorites too. The kids will even eat some of the garlic bread for breakfast. 🙂


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