Free School Book Resources

I thought I’d share a few website finds especially helpful for older children.

On the McGraw-Hill company website, you can find a lot of supplements for many subjects.  Of special interest may be the free PDF English workbooks for grades 6-12.  I’ve checked all of these out and they appear to be a great supplement to any curriculum.

You can also find grammar and writing workbooks for grades 1-6 at Scott Foresman.

If you haven’t already checked out the Hoagies Gifted Education page, you may want to.  It offers free online high school courses and curriculum material. 

At XP math you can download complete math books and some study charts. 

For all kinds of e-books and MP3 audio books, visit Free

With the bustle of ending the school year and planning for the next, perhaps these resources could come in handy to someone else.

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2 Responses to Free School Book Resources

  1. kellieann says:

    As always, you entice me with these sites….and when I have practically zero time to web-surf! =)

  2. thelambscottage says:

    These links are great! Thank you.

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