Welcome Spring

Butterfly wings flutter by,
As bright sunshine fills the sky.
Daffodils dance in the morning dew.
Spring parades its perfect hue.

The dogwood sways to the music of spring.
The robin calls out to everything.
Wake up, Wake up, you sleepy world.
The flag of spring has unfurled.

With a kiss of the sun it surrounds the day,
The old clothes of winter have fallen away.
In a garment of green the earth welcomes in,
A season of time to begin again.

©2008 Virginia Donahue

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3 Responses to Welcome Spring

  1. Dad says:

    Really appropriate / pretty poem.

    Says where we are at…1st day of spring and

    new life.

  2. CrossView says:

    What a sweet poem! And it describes EXACTLY what we're experiencing in the south! =D

  3. SongOfTheSagebrush says:

    I love this! Time for some beautiful springtime imagery!



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