Nutritional Concerns

I’ve added a new category called “My Soapbox”. It’s not my intention to turn my blog into a ‘fussing zone’ or a ‘political forum’, but there are some things that I would like to express my opinion on and just get it out there in the open.  The posts in this category are just my thoughts on various things and for the most part don’t have any conclusions or answers to the topic.

I have always tried to provide a nutritious diet for my family.  I used to follow the government’s 4 groups guidelines and when they switched to the food pyramid I tried to follow that.  Chips and sweets have always been reserved for desserts and treats and we rarely drink soda or sugary drinks (excluding sweet tea).  I have been blessed in that we are all fairly healthy with just the occasional cold or stomach bug. I have read a few books on the topic of healthy eating and really try to provide the right foods for my family by buying unbleached, minimally altered products.  Recently, though, I have been learning some confusing things about the food I have been feeding my family.

My husband prefers canned food, but I have been told that all the nutrients have been removed from the food.  Then I read about a study done at the University of Illinois (full study) that counters that statement. 

My next concern is about our food-producing animals that are being fed growth hormones and other chemicals for various reasons.  The jury is still out on that, but I sure have my own concerns observing our young people physically maturing younger and younger.

Then what about dry goods?  Is it really necessary to add enough preservatives to make the product last into the next millennium (I know, quite an exaggeration)?  I joke around with my husband that when archeologists from the future find the remains of this generation they will find us perfectly intact because of all the preservatives we’ve ingested.

So, what’s a poor mom to do?  She could buy only organic, plant a garden, or maybe get a farm.  These are wonderful ideas, but not always practical.  Not everyone has the resources to own and manage a farm.  They are telling us to be careful of the seeds we buy because they, too, have been treated chemically.   Buying organic can be very hard on the pocketbook.  Even with all the conveniences of this modern age, it seems that something as basic as feeding our families safely and properly has become as much of a full time job as it was way back when. Our government politicians squawk about the need for healthcare reform but is anyone dealing with the root of the problem.  Many are on the bandwagon against obesity, but what is being done to make healthy food affordable and practical for everyone.  With a grocery store on almost every corner is it unreasonable to think that foods that may have a shorter life could be consumed if sold at lower cost instead of going to waste.  Can we think of a better agricultural system where we supply our own needs safely.  As a mother, I guess all we can do is the best we can and leave the rest in God’s hands. 


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2 Responses to Nutritional Concerns

  1. lahbluebonnet says:

    I agree! Since I have to eat healthy, I go nuts! Since I can feel awful based on what I eat poorly, wrecking m blood sugar, I happen to use that as my guideline. I do follow the food pyramid and my blood sugar, basically. This is exactly where I'm at. My choices are not perfect. But they work for me, at least for now. And when I feel yucky, I learn to take that item out, unless I'm weak at moments. But that is what encourages me to go with what's healthy for me, the feeling yucky. My MIL love's visiting and eating my food. She says she does not gain any weight (she's very overweight), yet she feels satisfied and spoiled by my cooking. What a compliment! My parent's on the other hand, don't always see it that way! lol There are definitely lots of opinions out there!



  2. kellieann says:

    I hear ya' loud and clear. I have had some of these same thoughts myself. It can be very confusing and expensive to eat truly healthy. I just try to do my best with what I have, and leave the rest to God. I grew up on not that healthy of fare, and I've always been healthy. So, who knows?

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