Father-Daughter Valentine

Last night was the Father-Daughter Valentine’s Day Dinner for our Girl Scout Council.  My husband worked hard all week to get home early enough to take our daughter.  If you know anything about the trucking industry you know that that is a job in itself.  There always seems to be some customer that simply must have the product right then and they always seem to call the driver who is trying to be home early.  Yesterday was no exception, but because of my husband’s past experience, he had left hours earlier to do his regular runs so even though they added another stop he was able to get home in time.  My daughter was so excited.  She has been preparing for this event for weeks.  We had hit an awesome sale a few weeks ago at JC Penney and were able to get her a lovely outfit for 75% of the original cost.  She and I have conflicting opinion about shoes. She wanted heels and I believe she is too young but we were able to find something this weekend that we could both live with.  She had her clothes laid out first thing in the morning.  She made short work of her school assignments and was in the shower by 3:00.  Then we messed with her hair for an hour, trying all kinds of dos. I felt so bad for her because I brushed and combed, pulled and played with her hair trying to find just the right style.  I have absolutely no beautician in me, but I do my best.  After putting her through all that torture we ended up with a simple style that I thought looked lovely on her.  We painted her nails and then she sat around in her bathrobe, fretting until her father came home.  Then all systems were go.  We got her dressed and I even succumbed to her requests to wear a bit of make-up.  This was a special night for her.  Daddy was home and this was their night. Having my husband home early during the week is very rare and no matter how hard he tries, he has missed many of the kids’ events due to his job. For him to be home was a big deal.  As they got ready to leave, I naturally pulled out the camera.  My little girl looked so grown up and beautiful that it made me cry.  As I looked at her I wondered were the years have gone.  If I am so broke up over my baby just going out with her dad, I shudder to think what I’ll be like when she begins to date at 25 (LOL).When they returned from their date, you could see that they had a wonderful time.  After she changed into her pajamas and had washed her face, she came into our bedroom and snuggled up along side of us. She confirmed something I already knew. No matter how old she gets or looks, she will always be my baby.

Daddy and His Date

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9 Responses to Father-Daughter Valentine

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely couple. That's not my baby. She is soooo grown up. Where is My baby granddaughter. I miss her. Love, Mom

  2. Anonymous says:

    They look so sweet. My daughter and my husband went to a daddy daughter dance a few years back around valentines day and I remember how special it was to them. Memories.


  3. Sawickis says:

    Oooooops! I didn't mean to remain anonymous in the last post.


  4. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    She looks so pretty and Dad looks so proud! What a very nice thing for them to do together. Those memories will last a lifetime, I am sure.

    Though my hubby doesn't drive, we are very familiar with the trucking industry. His employer is really struggling due to the high fuel costs.


  5. 4evrHischild says:

    for your daughter and her daddy. There is a special bond between father and daughter. Thanks for sharing this special occasion.

  6. kellieann says:

    Awww….that is so sweet! And I totally understand the tears.

  7. Daddy/Grandpa says:

    Now you know why I was so happy that you had a girl ! Getting them all dressed up for a special day was always "special" for me to see.

    I hope/pray that my last "baby" will not grow up too fast. I was glad that the father-daughter thing worked out as well as it did.

  8. lahbluebonnet says:

    I labored to get our hairstyles right for the unit celebration the other day and just couldn't do it. The picture looked easy! Your dd looks sweet and so happy!



  9. SchoolinRhome says:

    What a special occasion! I love how their outfits co-ordinate!

    I started a very special journal with my older girls. We will use some of your promts from time to time as we will have a few creative writing in them. We are also doing many entries on things special to them. I started by writing them each a note from me. Now they are asking me questions that I will answer in their book (about when they were born.) We hope to add special mementos too. It will be scrapbook of writing! Maybe I will blog about it soon! Thanks for your inspiration on getting us writing more! It is more tha just about writing and being creative! The wrtings will be keepsakes of memories!

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