Blogger Friend School Assignment 13

Blogger Friend School has started up again.  Nancy at Nancy’s Nook  has graciously taken over for Tamara. 

This week’s assignment introduces everyone to our Bibles.  We are to answer these questions:

How old is your Bible?

Why did you choose this Bible?

Do you highlight/mark passages in your Bible?

If so, what is your system for marking passages?

Do you have notebooks to record things?

If so, how many and what do you record?

Where is your favorite spot to read your Bible?

Are there any special thoughts about your Bible you want to share?


I don’t actually use one Bible but 4 different ones for different purposes.  


I received the Good News Bible from my parents Easter 1978 just before I received Christ as my Savior.  This book has underlining throughout and lots of notes from that time frame in the margins. This is a paraphrased Bible so it made it easier for me to understand God’s Word as I was growing up.  I use it to help my own children get another perspective on what a passage means.


The next Bible that I turn to is my King James Version.  My parents gave this one to me in 1979 when I began attending a Christian school and needed it for my schoolwork.  This one has the Bible passages that I have memorized over the years highlighted in yellow along with the date memorized.  When I began teaching at a Christian school, it was put back into service.  It is quite worn and sections have fallen apart, but I still refer back to it whenever I wish to quote a passage on my blog (King James is copyright free).


Then there is my New International Version The Parenting Bible that I use everyday for my Bible reading.  I bought this hardcover version in 2000 because there are lots of extra commentaries and things to do interwoven throughout the passages.  I don’t write in this one at all. 


Then I have my NIV Study Bible that I use for church and study.  I’ve had this one since 1998 and love how each page has cross-references and explanations of each passage.  I have notes, dates, and underlining throughout this book.  Along with this Bible I use a notebook to record notes from church services so that I can later go back and re-read the passages. 


My favorite place to read my Bible is in my bedroom propped up on my bed first thing in the morning.  It always seems to start the day off right. 


I have found that no matter which version of God’s word that I read His constant truth of love comes through.  


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8 Responses to Blogger Friend School Assignment 13

  1. DaddysCHicks says:

    Your bibles sound wonderful and are blessings from God. Have a great week.

    Your classmate,


  2. Hello says:

    Thanks for doing the assignment, it is very interesting to read all about your Bibles. I wish that I still had mine from my childhood to share as well. I've been through two house fires and lost everything from those. We're making new memories now. Have a great week and be ready for the next assignment, it's a doozie! LOL


  3. mamasmurf says:


    Just like me, you seem to have different Bibles for different occasions, etc. As you say, which ever version we read, God's Word shines through!!


  4. lahbluebonnet says:

    In the winter time when it is cold, I have my quiet time in bed first thing, trying to keep warm! I have a prize for you at my blog!



  5. kellieann says:

    This was a cool assignment. It started me thinking about the various Bibles I have had and used over the years. When I was an older teenager, I experienced a lot of Christian growth and had one of the NIV student Bibles that I used profusely. After about 5 years or so, Revelation literally fell out, so I retired that one because the Bible is pretty much invalid without that book! =)

  6. momofneb says:

    Thanks for sharing about your Bible!

    I have something for you on my Blog! Come on over and check it out!

    ~ Kim

  7. momofmhasr says:

    I enjoyed my visit!

  8. Pure and Sensible says:

    I missed this last week. It's nice getting to know you! Leinani

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