Mid-Year: Other Activities

In addition to the basics of Math, English, History, and Science we also try to get in a bit of the other subjects.  We start everyday with Bible study, usually a memory verse that they are working on each week.  Then they also have Character training.  My daughter will be ready for the Princess Ceremony from doing the Princess and the Kiss the end of February.  My son has finished Boyhood and Beyond and is now working from a devotional I found for teens.  We have art and music one day a week, and have been trying to work on Latin, but have fallen a bit behind my schedule.  We started back with our Geography studies.  It makes for a full day, but we seem to squeeze in a few extras.
Here are some of those extras.


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2 Responses to Mid-Year: Other Activities

  1. westward says:

    We try to squeeze some extra learning in at this time of year, too. It just seems easier when the pretty weather isn't calling us outside! 🙂

  2. 4sweetums says:

    Your slideshow is great. You guys are getting alot done. THere is no way my teen would stick his hand into a pumkin and pull out the guts. We wimped out and painted ours this past year.



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