Why I Enjoy Homeschooling

01Charger is hosting one of the 12 Blogs of Christmas contests.  Her contest is to write an essay or poem about what you enjoy most about homeschooling.

Here is my entry.

The alarm goes off, it’s morning again.
Time to get ready for school.
Breakfast is made and we sit down to eat,
Togetherness is our fuel.

We dress as we like in slippers or socks,
No need to rush out the door,
We take each day as a blessing from God,
A gift and so much more.

Our studies begin with a prayer and a verse,
As we seek His fine direction.
Then we delve into math, science and more,
Taking the time for correction.

How lucky we are to explore what we want,
To learn more than they say we need,
To take the time to get it just right,
In order for us to succeed.

Some days we spend hours on the difficult things,
Through trail and error we learn,
We are free to seek out what interests us most,
Knowledge we get in return.

Beyond the books and the classroom walls,
The world is an open door,
Just waiting for us to step out into,
Calling for us to explore.

Sometimes the role of teacher and student
Is often not clear to see,
I wouldn’t have it any other way,
Homeschool is right for me.

Together we travel down the road of discovery,
I can’t think of anything better.
Living and learning and seeking His ways,
And doing it all together.

©2007 Virginia Donahue

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2 Responses to Why I Enjoy Homeschooling

  1. 01charger says:

    … for entering my contest!


  2. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    That's a great poem!

    Thanks so much for not only promoting Ashley's contest, but for participating as well. She's been enjoying reading the entries this week.


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