Progress Reports Printables

Well, I’ve printed out the kid’s progress reports from my Homeschool Tracker program. From the results, I can see that they are doing fairly well, with the previously noted exception of spelling. Science and math could stand a bit attention, but, for the most part, not too shabby.
Even though I print out progress reports, I transfer the information to a traditional report card. Here I also note their character development.
I’ve posted the cover and the inside here for anyone who wishes to download and use in their homeschools. I have also posted them in the Microsoft Word format so you can edit whatever you like to make it fit your needs.


Progress Report Cover-PDF

Progress Report Inside-PDF

Word Docs:
Progress Report Cover-Word Doc.
Progress Report Inside-Word Doc.

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3 Responses to Progress Reports Printables

  1. kellieann says:

    You so totally ROCK! These are amazing! I'm using them….I like them so much better than what I used last year. I use so much of your stuff, I feel like I should be paying you. =)

  2. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    Just today I went in search of something just like this to print out! It was the last day of Gracie's first marking period and I decided she needed a report card! I found one similar, but I've saved yours to my computer to use for Ashley.



  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the awesome work you have done for others! I love the word doc- sooooo easy to change/tailor for each child and I thank you for doing the work for us…& so graciously sharing. Bless you!

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