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community blogger award

Heidi from Reviews by Heidi has bestowed a special honor upon me.  She felt that my little corner of the internet was deserving of the Community Blogger Award.  I so appreciate her kind words of encouragement and hope that my blog will continue to benefit others.  I really enjoy sharing my printables and the Homeschool Kids Write blog has been great fun.  There are currently 7 creative young bloggers participating and we would love to have more join the adventure. 

I’d like to pass this award onto a special blogger whose posts promote the benefits of Community.  HSBiz is a fantastic resource site.  Run by Eclectic Education, she provides a valuable list of links for all kinds of things.  If you are looking for something on the net, you should stop by her blog first.  She has everything neatly categorized within her posts.  You could spend hours, which I have, just perusing all she has to offer.


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  1. eclecticeducation says:

    Thank you! I really appreciate this! 🙂

  2. lahbluebonnet says:




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