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The kids have finished Wordsmith.  I asked them what they thought of the program and was met with mediocre enthusiasm.  They requested that I switch back to Journal writing using journal prompts, so beginning next week that will again be our creative writing class.  We had been doing this in the past but I thought that they needed a more formal program.  I think I was wrong.  They used to love writing in their journals.  When I switched to another method they became overwhelmed with the mechanics.  They get plenty of that in their other Language Arts subjects.  I want writing to lean more on the creative thinking side.  I have created a calendar of writing prompts for them to follow.  I have also been mulling over the idea of having them post a few of their assignments to their totally neglected blogs.  I’d love to start a writing ring just for kids, something like Blogger Friend School, but don’t know if anyone would be interested.  Just thinking out loud here.  Love to have your feedback about this. 

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7 Responses to Writing Prompts

  1. southmsmomof4 says:

    I love this. I am not so creative and am so glad you posted this. I downlaoded and printed this out. We are going to use this for next month, and see what the dc think about it. I am getting tired of the boxed curriculum and looking for more creative ways to do our subjects. Thank you so much. Also I would be interested in my dc joining a type of BFS for children. Great idea. Sorry such a long comment:-o.

    Be blessed.


  2. lahbluebonnet says:

    Very interesting and thoughtful of you to share. I clicked on the link twice and heard something happen but nothing came up.

    On another note, because I come to your blog to get smiles, I have given you a "You Make Me Smile Award." Come on over and pick it up! =)



  3. kellieann says:

    If you start the kids blogging ring, let me know. Annaleigh would definitely sign up, and Harrison would be a maybe, since I have to do all his typing for him.

  4. SchoolinRhome says:

    I printed out your October Writing prompts. They are GREAT! It's even better on a calendar format. I would LOVE these each month! We do Creative Writing with our co-op at church. I think I will use some of these prompt ideas with them, too (if you don't mind!) THANKS for sharing!

  5. SchoolinRhome says:

    If you do this, I may set my 2 daughters in it to write to the prompt each day. I am hoping there wouldn't be a limit to the writing. Could they write as much or little as they felt? My oldest is not a good speller so this would be a help in that regard, too!

  6. ReviewsbyHeidi says:

    I'm so glad you came and commented on my blog because it led me back to your blog and I've really enjoyed reading over your past posts. I'd like to sit and read the whole thing, but I just don't have enough time. LOL

    Thanks for sharing these writing prompts. I've printed them out and will present them to my girls tomorrow as a fun idea to use for October. I LOVE that it's in a calendar-style format. I have to add you to my friends list so I'll know when/if you decide to add more of these.

    Oh, I noticed your hubby is a truck driver and I enjoyed reading the things you've learned about truckers. My hubby doesn't drive, but he is the bookkeeper for a local trucking company so we're very involved in the lives of many truckers and I just have to say AMEN!

    Nice to meet you,


  7. Angelheart says:

    What an absolutely good idea. I would love to have my daughter join in. Great idea.


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