Homeschooling at the Speed of Life Book Opinion

I just finished reading Marilyn Rockett’s book Homeschooling at the Speed of Life.  I found this book to be both inspirational and motivating.  Filled with the wisdom of a seasoned homeschool mom, peppered with wonderfully relevant quotations and Scriptures, and extremely revealing devotions, it leads the reader step by step into the daunting task of balancing life and homeschool.  This book is more than a good read.  It employs a ‘hands-on’ method of helping the frazzled mom look at herself and determine where things need to be changed.  Then she takes you by the hand and gives you the tools to succeed. What I really liked about this book is that it wasn’t preachy and condescending expecting every home to be exactly like hers.  She is very clear in the basic philosophy that what works for one may not be for another, but that we have to determine what works for us. Also included with the book is a CDRom with all kinds of forms to help you organize your life.  I had never thought of a household notebook before, but as I went beyond my reading of this book and explored the whole organization thing, I am very drawn to this concept.  I recommend reading this book before things get out of control and you become frustrated with the delicate balance between home and school.  Over the next few months, I will be trying to take what I have learned and apply it my home.

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  1. 4sweetums says:

    Thanks for the book review. It sounds like a good book. I hope you have a great week.



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