How We Spent Our Vacation Part 2

During our vacation we were privy to experience many of God’s blessings. Before we left, we needed to get front tires for the Tahoe. We called the place where we had bought the rear tires last year to see if they had the same tires in stock.  We were told yes and we went over to get them.  We brought the receipt for the other tires with us so that we could be sure to get the same kind.  When we got there, they matched last year’s price.  But it gets better.  When they went to find the matching tires they discovered that they didn’t have any. So, they offered to replace all four tires with heavy-duty tires at no additional cost.  How awesome is God! 

While away, we received a call from our son.  The people who had broken into his home had been arrested.  The next day he called again.  This time he was frantic.  The criminals had told the police that there was child porn on his computer.  When he met with the police, they read him his rights and questioned him about it.  He had no idea what they were talking about.  They didn’t arrest him, but told him that they would get back to him after they looked at his computer.  He was worried because so many people had had access to his computer that he wasn’t sure what was on it.  He knew he would never have done anything like what he was accused of but he didn’t know if someone else might have done it.  We reassured him of the time stamps and other proof, and told him not to worry, but I know he was still concerned.  He was told that it didn’t matter if someone else had done it.  It was his computer and he was responsible for anything on it. 

He called back the next day and reported that there was nothing of the sort on his computer. The criminals had lied trying to make his life miserable.  He now has his computer back.  All his pictures have been lost, so he reformatted the computer and is going to sell it. (He has ordered another).  Another way that God has shown his greatness.

Last but not least, the day after we got home, we went to unload the popup and noticed something strange about a tire on it.  There was a huge bubble, bigger than the size of a softball, sticking out from it.  The wall had given way.  If this had exploded on the highway, it could have been disastrous. Yet more evidence of God’s perfect timing.

We had other little incidents, like my husband trying to fix the camper sink and water spraying straight out from the faucet like in an old time movie. Wish I could have got it on film, but I was laughing too hard. Another ongoing sink issue with it not draining properly was resolved.  A regular plunger is too big and ugly to use and have hanging around the camper, so we bought (for .89, mind you) a replacement rubber toilet flapper that fits perfectly into the drain, plunges like a charm, and is small enough to fit in the basket under the sink.  The zipper on the screen room finally zipped its last, so we had to use clothespins to close it.  Lucky for us though, because of the drought, there were absolutely no mosquitoes.  Believe me if there had been any, they would have found me.  No one got sunburned, eaten by a shark or other critter, no blood was shed and for the most part the kids got along.  I think that this can be counted as a truly blessed vacation.

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3 Responses to How We Spent Our Vacation Part 2

  1. lahbluebonnet says:

    So glad for your everything worked out! God is good! Especially glad the police saw that your ds was truely innocent and that y'all were completely safe!



  2. kellieann says:

    Sounds like a great vacation! I love Myrtle Beach….spent so many happy hours there when I used to live in Charleston. Now you've made me all mushy and nostalgic….

  3. KayinPA says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Praise God for his continual protection over your family!

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