Still Painting

It took longer at the skating rink yesterday than I had anticipated so we’re still painting.  We got the first primer coat on and I will be putting on the second coat this morning.  I hope that it will be dry enough to start putting the color on the walls this afternoon.  My darling daughter is still being a great help.  My dad, who regularly reads my blog, noticed an error.  My classroom is not 10 by 17, (don’t I wish, were his words and mine). It is 10 by 7.  Oops.  Sorry ‘bout that. I will try to post pictures when we are done. 

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2 Responses to Still Painting

  1. kellieann says:

    You're tagged! Please visit my blog for the details….

  2. southmsmomof4 says:

    I am looking forward to the pics. I would love to have a classroom. We school at the DR table, the couch, the floor.LOL. Be Blessed


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